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Aurora is a trusted technology consulting service provider of biometric identification and verification software for enterprises worldwide. Our solutions is a highly modular, scalable, secure and configurable biometric identification and verification framework that can be deployed in a containerized environment in the public cloud or on premises which is capable of handling millions of users and millions of transactions per day.

The platform supports enrolling, identifying and verifying Fingerprint, Face, Iris, Voice and Signature biometrics from leading biometric devices attached to mobiles, tablets, POS, Kiosks, and desktops addressing following business challenges:

  • Provides a strong authentication mechanism for transactions and avoids costly security breaches.
  • An identity proofing solution during customer/employee onboarding process.
  • Prevent identity frauds


POS Solutions

We have a cloud-driven global all-in-one POS platform that assists retail business owners to manage their operations efficiently. The platform provides following benefits to customers.

  •  The solution fully integrates with Android and iOS-based mobile, tablet, POS terminals and Kiosks.
  •  Supports reading payment information from chip, magnetic and NFC payment methods as well as reading multi-dimensional barcodes.
  •  Seamless integration with other systems in the organization. The system already supports integrating with widely used eCommerce, ERP, and CRM solutions.
  •  The hot-pluggable modular approach allows the platform to be customized based on the needs of the client.
  •  Offers powerful business reporting and intelligence to reveal historical patterns and future trends.
  •  Our POS solution can be fully integrated with our Biometric platform thus providing advanced identity verification and security.


Wireless Dealer Portal

Our wireless dealer portal services distributors and ISOs simplifying their business process into one single easy to manage the application. The solution is leading the US Telco industry in helping MVNO’s acquire no-contract subscribers through the wireless channels.

The solution offers Prepaid Wireless Dealers following benefits.

  •    Automated SIM activation from leading MVNO carriers in the US and allows port-ins from a previous carrier.
  •    Instantly top-up US and International wireless account.
  •    Instantly purchase pre-paid airtime PINs
  •    Orders mobile devices and purchase mobile insurance from third-party providers
  •    Instantly offers spiffs to dealers for activations and device orders.
  •    Allows distributors to manage their sub-distributors.
  •    Supports PayPal, Direct Deposit and ACH payments.
  •    Business reporting for activations, payments and SIM inventory.

eCommerce Solutions

We have delivered many custom eCommerce solutions to leading retailers worldwide by customizing most widely used eCommerce platforms.

  Custom Payment Methods

We have developed custom payment plugins for leading payment processors in Sri Lanka as well as worldwide most notably PayPal, Barclaycard, Sampath Vishwa, Dialog ezCash and Dialog Genie.

 Custom Shipping Methods

We have developed custom shipping plugins for leading couriers such as UPS, Fedex, USPS, and DHL

Integrations with external systems

Provided integration solutions with ERP and CRM solutions deployed in the cloud as well as in on-premises.

 Custom Branding